Destiny Stats Will Transfer To Future Games

Bungie released the first expansion pack to Destiny today, and players have been having fun continuing the story of the game. However many players will know that Bungie has a ten year plan for Destiny to make it into a franchise. This means there will be full new games ahead, so what happens to our current Guardians? 

“The idea is that the Guardian you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure.” Bungie told IGN

They go on to note that looking at other games that players have stuck with for a long time was due to a connection with the character they helped create. Bungie hopes to do the same thing with your Guardian in Destiny, by allowing you to keep the Guardian in future iterations of the title. 

Bungie stresses that this means you will simply always have something more to work for, and your weapons will never become obsolete. Similar motives are seen with PC games like World of Warcraft where “expansions” are released instead of full retail releases, so it seems that new retail releases will function as future expansions. The trick is to make it fun for veterans, while making it accessible for new players. 

Personally this is something I’ve wanted Call of Duty for some time now. We get some services that bridged stats, but Call of Duty never released expansions or allowed stat transfer. It will be awesome jumping into “Destiny 2” and keeping my same awesome Guardian in the process!