Details On Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi-Inspired Post-Launch Content

This year’s EA Play E3 Press Conference saw the video game company take the stage and publicly eat crow for all the disappointing first attempt at Star Wars Battlefront.  They talked about how much they learned from people’s feedback, how this story would be what we’ve been begging for, and that all post-launch content would be free in their second attempt, Star Wars Battlefront II.  That last one is an especially big deal because EA plans to give us a ton of post-launch content so gamers want to keep coming back to their game.

Today, they’ve detailed a plan that sounds somewhat reminiscent of the Destiny format.

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Season 1 will last for 4 weeks and begins on December 5, 2017.  With just roughly 3 weeks removed from the November 17 launch date, Star Wars Battlefront II will begin channeling gameplay from the upcoming 8th episode of Star Wars, The Last Jedi.  As you can see from the picture above, December 5 will allow players to choose between joining the First Order or the Resistance.  Depending which side you choose factors into which faction you belong to.  The more missions you do for your factions the stronger the Dark or Light side becomes.

December 13 is when the real meat of the post-launch content arrives.  Whether you choose to fight for the Dark or Light Sides depends on whether you’ll be able to fight with Finn or Captain Phasma as both will be available as playable characters.  Plus, The Last Jedi-inspired maps and ships will become available.  In addition to the new characters, the story will continue as the next chapter of Iden Versio‘s story will be unlocked, in Star Wars Battlefront II Resurrection.  Resurrection will follow Versio during the First Order’s rise to power, which should be a treat for many fans wondering how they came to be.

This plan reminds me of what Bungie has done with the Destiny franchise.  Their game’s survival is based on weekly content that keeps gamers engaged by hosting different events with new gear and giveaways.  It appears that EA is taking a page out of their book and hoping it makes Battlefront II successful where Battlefront I was not.

Nevertheless, this calendar indicates a clear intent to eclipse the mistakes of Star Wars Battlefront (1) and give the gamers a better experience in Star Wars Battlefront II when it arrives on November 17, 2017.

For more information on the post-launch content, click here!