Detroit: Become Human E3 Trailer Shows The Consequences of Choice

Quantic is known primarily for their games ‘Heavy Rain’ and ‘Beyond: Two Souls’. The first views of the game featured an android named Kara who achieves conciousnes and escapes the factory she was created in. Kara embarks on a quest to learn what it is to live among humans where androids are nothing but tools & servants. The story of Kara was developed for a Tech Demo from Quantic back in 2012.

Fast forward to tonight’s Sony event we get to see an exciting video (at least it was to me) of a male Android by the name of Connor.  Check out the video below:

As a former player of both Heavy rain and Two Souls, I can’t wait from this game to come out. The only thing that gave me a chuckle was the title Detroit (it gave a few others a laugh also … looking at you Aaron).  Detroit: Become Human is currently in development and no release date was given.