Diablo III on the PS3/PS4 Will Allow for Off-Line Local Co-Op

John Hight (Sony) and Chris Metzen (Blizzard) did an interview with GameTrailers in which they discussed some of the changes being brought to the game when it releases on the PS3 and the PS4.  Among these changes are the ability to play the game off-line (something PC gamers haven’t been able to do), and engage in 2-4 person local co-op.  This means that you and your friends can gather around in person, in order to take on the legions of Hell and gather some serious loot. 



Diablo III‘s announcement for the consoles has caused quite an uproar in the DIII community and undoubtedly this is going to continue to fuel that fire.  Who knows, maybe the PC game will get some of the same updates as well. 

Who here is wanting Diablo III for the consoles?