Discover the Shi in the Gamescom Trailer for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

After a fateful meeting with a mysterious being called Terra, a spirit that only he can see, Chado is given a mission to find the “Land of Life” . Hidden in this land are the secrets of Shi, the magic that governs the world. In Chado’s way, a brutal war erupts from two sister-kingdoms, Adorya and Adorn, leaving the shattered world of Mahera in the middle of a power-struggle. But are things really as they seem? Conspiracies and the dastardly forces of evil await Chado and his new allies. Your decisions will determine the destiny of the planet and the outcome of the war.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom was definitely one of my favorite games at E3 2016.  Its mix of art direction, story, creativity, and unique combat mechanics are the reason it was nominated of Cinelinx Best of E3 award.  Now, it’s at Gamescom 2016 with a new trailer that gives us more story than previously received.  

What is surprising, though, is that we still don’t have an official release date.  Enigami and Focus Home Interactive have continued to say Coming 2016.  However, 2016 won’t last forever and they’re about to hit the point where they need to give fans an exact date to prepare for their long-awaited game.  Especially, since there is going to be a ton of big name competition to go up against, the longer they wait.

As soon as we know the when, we’ll have an official release date here!

What do you think of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom?