Dive Deep into Godfall’s Extensive Combat System in 9-Minute Walkthrough Trailer

Sony’s State of Play event showcased a bevy of new games coming to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5. The game that had arguably the biggest presence was Gearbox Publishing & Counterplay GamesGodfall.

The upcoming looter-slasher took up 9 minutes of the stream with a new Combat Walkthrough trailer. In it, Counterplay Games’ CEO Keith Lee highlighted a bunch of combat elements, including:

  • Unique Weapon Classes
  • Basic Controls
  • Dual Blade, Longsword and Shield Combat
  • Phalanxer Mid-Boss

You can’t deny that the next-gen looter-slasher looks extremely appealing. Godfall is gorgeous and it has what looks like a really easy, fun combat style. However, it’s another gameplay trailer.

While, yes, we often complain that we need more gameplay trailers with video game reveals. At some point, there’s gotta be a story trailer revealed somewhere. So far, it’s been cinematic trailer, gameplay trailer, and now a combat walkthrough. The lack of a story trailer is becoming glaring.

Godfall releases on PlayStation 5 & PC Holiday 2020. For more details, read Keith Lee’s PSBlog post.