DOOM Eternal and Elder Scrolls Online Get Free Next-Gen Upgrades

Bethesda has announced that both The Elder Scrolls Online and DOOM Eternal are coming to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5!

If you’re looking to get your Demon Slaying on, or track down some dragons, with your next-generation console, have no fear. Today, Bethesda has announced DOOM Eternal and Elder Scrolls Online will be getting enhanced versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Even better, if you already play/own the games on the Xbox One and PS4, it’ll be a FREE update to the next-gen.

We’ll have more information to share in the coming weeks and months about The Elder Scrolls Online and DOOM Eternal on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 including expected release windows and a list of enhancements. And while we don’t have any news to share just yet on our remaining catalogue of titles, we can confirm we are committed to offer free upgrades for current generation console owners of existing Bethesda titles we bring forward into the next generation of consoles.

No release date for the new versions just yet, but I’m definitely loving this trend of getting upgraded versions for free if you already own it. Something I hope to see continue with other developers!