DOOM Eternal Pushed Back to March 2020

Sad news for eager fans looking to rip and tear up some demons this Fall, as the highly anticipated DOOM sequel has been pushed back into next year. 

Game delays are nothing new, and considering the state of certain aspects of the industry (crunch that leads to lower quality of life for employees) it’s not a bad thing. Not to mention the fact that extra time almost always results in a better overall product. Even so, it can still be a bummer for fans eagerly looking forward to playing it.

As such, it’s out sad duty to report that DOOM Eternal, slated to launch next month, has been pushed back. The developers announced the delay this morning, revealing the title will now hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 20, 2020 (the Switch version will launch later).

“To make sure we’re delivering the best experience — for DOOM Eternal to live up to our standards of speed and polish — we’ve made the decision to extend our launch date by a few months to March 20, 2020. We know many fans will be disappointed by this delay, but we are confident that DOOM Eternal will deliver a gaming experience that is worth the wait.”

It’s not all bad news, however, as other changes were announced as well. For one, the previously revealed Invasion Mode will release as a FREE update soon after Eternal’s launch, and the recently revealed DOOM 64 (also launching in March) will now be available as a pre-order bonus on all platforms. So you’ll be able to get it completely free just for pre-ordering DOOM Eternal.