Doom Eternal Thrills At Bethesda E3 Showcase

One of my personal most anticipated games of the year had a big showcase at E3 2019.

ID Software was on hand to showcase the new title and showed off various concepts through multiple trailers. The game is actually playable on the show floor during E3 this week, and they showed off about 5 minutes of gameplay that everyone will get their hands on.

Also announced was a special edition of the game that includes a steelbook case and an actual helmet designed after the one Doom Guy wears in the game. The game will be releasing November 22nd on all platforms.

Also announced was a new multiplayer mode titled BattleMode which consists of 3 players. One person being Doom Guy and the other two being various demons from the game. They promised the new mode has a lot of dynamics to offer, but they didn’t really go into detail about everything.

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