Double Dragon IV is Coming to PS4 and PC Next Month

One of the great franchises from the NES era was Double Dragon, and many gamers have fond memories of battling hordes of enemies as Billy and Jimmy Lee.  For it’s time, the game series (specifically Double Dragon II) did some amazing things for the side-scrolling genre, offering up different enemy types, weapons you could pick up and varrying level design that included platformer elements as well.  It’s long been one of my favorite games around, but since the 8-bit generation passed, it hasn’t done very well. 

While many enjoyed the mash-up with Battletoads and their SNES outing, few other additions to the game series managed to capture the appeal of those eariler titles (I enjoyed Neon for what it was…but no one can claim it was a great game).  As such, I’m pretty damn excited to hear the announcement of Double Dragon IV, a new title from Arc System Works who acquired the property a bit ago.  

The game will pick up the story from the end of Double Dragon III, acting as a direct continuation of the original NES game trilogy, even maintaining the 8-bit aesthetic.  Better yet, the development team includes members from the original Double Dragon staff!  So it’ll be an authentic Double Dragon experience…hopefully a great one.  The game is set to hit PS4 and PC/Steam worldwide on January 30th.  What a way to kick off the New Year!


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