Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting a Second Fighter Pass with Jiren, Videl, and More

The Dragon Ball FighterZ “Fighter Pass 2” trailer has been leaked and it looks like we are getting some good addtions to the games roster. Jiren will finally be making his way to take on Son Goku once again, as well as Videl from the Saiyaman saga. Videl will have the ability to use Saiyaman in assit and moves that we all remeber from DBZ, but I dont know if I feel Videl was a good character to add. 

It was also announced at the end of the trailer we will be getting Gogeta (SSGSS) and Broly from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film! This will be second addition of Broly and yet another version of a fused Goku and Vegeta. I really enjoyed the movie, but I feel there are so many characters in the Dragon Ball universe, this is not really the right choice of characters once again. Even though I will probably play with these characters, I really hope to see a more wide variaty of characters soon. The first two characters will release January 31st, but no price has been announce for the second pass.

(Info sourced via DualShockers)