Dragon Ball GT’s Goku Joins the FighterZ Roster Next Month

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s already impressive roster continues to grow, this time with ANOTHER Goku variation that fans have been hoping to see. Come inside to check out the trailer!

Since the return of the Dragon Ball series with Dragon Ball Super, the previous Dragon Ball Z sequel, GT has largely been pushed aside. While that’s probably for the best, the series still has some fans and their in for a treat next month.

Bandai Namco has announced that the kid Goku from the GT series is joining the roster of battlers in Dragon Ball FighterZ on May 9th. You can get your first look at him in action, however, via a swanky new trailer:

After an errant wish by Emperor Pilaf, Goku has been transformed into a child during the Dragon Ball GT series. But make no mistake, young Goku still packs a big punch with special moves like when he transforms into Super Saiyan 4 and unleashes his Dragon Fist attack! Dragon Ball GT Goku is also able to use his Super Spirit Bomb, Power Pole, and Reverse Kamehameha to take out the competition.

The new version of Goku is part of the FighterZ Pass 2 ($24.99) which comprises six new fighters and will eventually bring Broly (DBS) and Gogeta (SSGSS) to the game as well.