‘Dragon Quest: Worldbuilder’ Hitting Nintendo Switch in 2018

With worldbuilding games becoming something of an entire new genre, we’ve watched as the phenomenon of ‘Minecraft treatment’ has occurred across a range of IP’s, 2016 in particular, giving us one of the much better titles in the growing library, Dragon Quest: Builder. Well, now we can confirm that ‘Builders’ is officially heading to the Nintendo Switch System February 9, 2018.

Adding another great third-party game to its ever-growing library, Dragon Quest Builders from Square Enix will launch for Nintendo Switch on Feb. 9. This charming game offers a new experience in the classic Dragon Quest series, allowing players to reconstruct towns using gathered building materials, fight monsters in real-time battles and meet memorable characters throughout a sprawling RPG. 


Square Enix’s adventurous and fairly ‘innocent in nature’ Dragon Quest license was perfect for such a gameplay switchup, as a result it was rightfully welcomed to critical praise. However, for some of the series’ longstanding series fans who invested in the Switch (remembering that Nintendo consoles have become something of a natural home for the series) there’s been a sense of unease as we’ve watched glowing reviews for this title with no release in sight on the Nintendo end. Making up for this, Square Enix are providing Switch players with exclusive content new content.

Playing Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch will offer players experiences and items exclusive to this version of the game. This includes the ability to gather rare crafting materials and battle enemies while riding the powerful (and adorable) Great Sabrecub, as well as additional crafting options for more robust building customization options.

The Switch version will also include the already well established free-build mode, Terra Incognito, that debuted on the PS4 in 2016, giving players the chance to share and download each other’s creations. 

With Dragon Quest: Builders, coming to the Nintendo Switch to play at home or on the go, I’d caution against playing during bathroom breaks.. There’s a very real risk of spending the entire day on the pot. Just saying..