Driveclub Delayed To October

Driveclub was a hot title for two reasons. It was going to release on the PS4 the day the PS4 came out and showcase some graphical power along with social networking features. That didn’t happen. Yet the second feature was that all PS Plus members would get it for free to showcase the new console and have an instant game collection started. That turned into a demo. 

You can see why Sony has a lot of work to do to get hype back into this game. According to them the actual release date is now October. The game was pushed away from launch and noted to come out “soon after that,” then delayed to “possibly summer,” and now it will for sure be coming in October. 

What is taking them so long? Well the developers seem to be tweeking the “dynamic menu” which is basically social features of the game. Think past Need For Speed titles that had Autolog built in. The game will also feature a companion app that seems to be taking some time as well. 

Other than that, Driveclub is being touted as the “most detailed racing game ever,” by Sony. They said that everything down to a screw is detailed and the entire game is now in full 1080p. You can read more specific details on the PlayStation Blog, but they mostly just talk about standard racing stuff from there. 

Personally I’m a little disapointed. Besides Gran Turismo (and when Need For Speed isn’t trying to be “realistic”) I don’t get too excited for racing games. I mean I will play this for sure, but I won’t be rushing out to grab it anymore. That scenerio changes if it were to release say today though. I have pretty much nothing to play on my new console, and nothing out there really offers replay value besides standard multiplayer. Even Metal Gear is easy to clear 100 percent. 

Yet, Driveclub is something I actually got excited for! It looks sexy as heck, and it will obviously have tons of replay value in it. It would be a perfect game to hold you off through summer. Now you go delay it to October and that excitment from fans like me vanishes. Why? Because we all wanted it just to wait for October because thats when all the games are coming out. We wanted something now, not something with everything else. It kind of lost that purpose of being a launch title. 

Don’t get me wrong, looking at it from a racing fan standpoint, this is awesome news. At least we got a date and at least the game looks great. I’m just saying from a perspective of a hungry gamer, this news is not really what we wanted to hear.