Dying Light 2 Gameplay Made us Plead for More! | Our E3 Impressions

Another game we had the chance to sit down with during E3 2019 was Dying Light 2. This game has been on our radar since last E3, not because of the success of the first title…but because of the extreme additions and changes to the series in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 changes the landscape almost completely with its new choice-based story that will change the world drastically, depending on your decision. There is also the addition of new parkour moves, weapons, and even new zombie species.

We want to thank Techland for inviting us to check out the game during E3 2019, we really can’t wait to play this game (hopefully) in the coming month, to a year. Please let us know why you’re excited about Dying Light 2, yet another winner of the #BestofE3Nominee Award!