Dying Light: Bad Blood is Playable Now on Steam Early Access

If you’re part of the gaming community that just can’t get enough of the Battle Royale game type, Techland has just released their exciting PvE, PvP Parkour Battle Royale, Dying Light: Bad Blood on Steam Early Access.  Unlike most Battle Royale games that focus mainly on PvP, DL:BB gives gamers a unique style of gaming where not only do you fight each other, but you also fight the massive zombie hoard that the Dying Light series has been known to have.  

Take a look at the new launch trailer to see it all in action…

Excited by what you saw?  You can join the millions of other excited gamers in taking part in the Early release of Dying Light: Bad Blood by purchasing the Founder’s Pack for $19.99.  As a Founder, not only will you get to play the game early, you’ll also have your feedback and game tape play a crucial role in the game’s final leg of development before mass release.  Plus, you’ll get a sweet amount of extra content as an added thank you for playing the game early like in-game currency and exclusive items, including the Founder’s Pass that will deliver three Legendary skins throughout the course of the three months following the Early Access launch.

“We’re really happy with the results of our recent Global Play Test and I’d like to thank all of the players out there that took part and gave us such helpful insight,” said Maciej Łączny, Producer. “We’ve made some big leaps in development based on that activity and look forward to the road ahead as we prepare new content for the game, the first of which will  be available in the next few weeks.”

When playing through Dying Light: Bad Blood, be sure to keep an eye out for Drops, as they will include new maps, characters, items, and more, throughout the Early Access.

12 go in, 1 comes out.  Will you survive?  Stay tuned for more information on Dying Light: Bad Blood, as it releases!