Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed takes you to the Battle of Red Cliff

Starting this article off I love the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Just button mashing fun against scores of enemies as you lay waste to them on levels of asskickery that can only be described as phenomenal. Putting this game on mobile was just a stroke of genius and it’s fun to play just kind of aimlessly for a while.  Players can now download the expansion The Battle of Red Cliff: Part 1. You’ll be getting 10 new stages and new warriors Pang Tong and Han Dang to add to your characters as well. New dungeons will be playable through the Guild Dungeon which can opened by using guild points. Daily growth dungeons will be available as well with new objectives added daily.


You can download Dynasty Warriors Unleashed now on ISO and Android devices. And check out more details at www.unleashed.nexon.com.


-Jason The X