E3 2015: All Kinds Of Fallout 4 Information! Release Date Revealed

UPDATE: The game is releasing November 10, 2015!

Bethesda finally showcased their hot new item in Fallout 4 and we got a whole bunch of information. Check out the list below!

-The story begins pre-apocalypse, you will have a baby that is rendered based on how you make your two main characters (seen above).

-You can create a female character!The character you leave the model maker with will be your main character.

-Select specific facial features and sculpt in real time; no sliders

-Vault-Tech sales rep comes to the door to pitch you to come to a vault. You set specific character information in-game.

– They Recorded 1,000 names to be said in game for your custom player. (But five bucks they forgot “Dustin” ! Ha!)

-S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is back for determining attributes.

-You emerge 200 years later as the sole survivor of vault 111.

-You still get total freedom to roam the world.

– “Creation Engine” was used, but is entirely new.

-Conversation choices are mapped to face buttons, no scrolling through options.

-The game actions can be played in third or first person.

-You have a dog companion which can help you by picking up objects you point at.

-VATS are back.

-Pipboy returns! Has date of 2053!

-Real life Pipboy included in collector’s edition! Can hold your smartphone, and will have a companion app. The app will be fully funtional in premium edition, secondary edition is for smartphones. App will release for all smartphones regardless of buying a pip boy or not. 

-Over 400 modifications for every weapon in the game.

-You can scrap and collect items in the game to create entirely new items or buildings.

-You can fully modify power armor similar to weapons.