E3 2015: Check Out All The New Xbox One Hardware Features

First up, the fancy new controller.

The controller is fully customizable as each piece can be adjusted and mapped. You can even switch out the rear buttons and thumb sticks among other customizable features. The accuracy is said to be way more accurate for gamers.

Early Access!

Microsoft announced that Xbox One will get Xbox One Game Preview. It works similar to Steams Early Access where you can “try games, before you buy.” The first games announced are The Long Dark, Shelter, Elite Dangerous, and Day Z.

EA Access!

EA noted that EA Access is free for all Gold members this whole week for free. Also to celebrate, Titanfall will be coming to the vault soon and Dragon Age: Inquisition will be coming by end of summer.

Mods Are Coming!

Microsoft announced a partnership with the developers of Fallout 4 that will allow PC mods to be transferred to Xbox One.

HoloLense On Display!

Microsoft brought out Hololense for display to the crowd during a live demo of Minecraft. They noted you can “project” a screen anywhere, or you can bring the world to life. All Xbox One commands are built in within voice commands.

Partnering With VR!

We already knew MS was partnering with Oculus by providing controllers and Xbox One support, but they also revealed they are working alongside Steam VR for Windows 10.

Biggest News Of All!

The biggest news of all is that Xbox One will support backwards compatibility natively. You can find more details in our article! Getting to the poin, Xbox 360 games simply need to be approved by the publishers and they will be added. Xbox One features will work, and online will still function.

Microsoft noted a “whole new user experience” for Windows 10 and Xbox One will be revealed later during E3 and we will have all those details right here on Cinelinx!