E3 2018: Insomniac’s Spider-Man Gets New Trailer, New Villains Announced

Spider-Man was one of the core games for Sony’s E3 2018 showcase and it didn’t disapoint. Ending the show on a super high note the trailer above debuted, and more details are expected to come tomorrow afternoon when Sony hosts them for the E3 show during the opening day.

The game takes place as Spider-man has been in costume for slightly over 8 years, so he has his skills down pretty well, but has also locked up a lot of bad guys. The bad news is those bad guys have escaped and now they all have it out for him. 5 villains face off against Spider-Man including the already annouced Mister Negative and newly announced Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Electro. They mention the Sinister Six and Spider-Man looks up at the very last second to see the 6th member, but the trailer ends there and leaves the character in mystery.

All the characters have newly designed costumes which were carefully crafted by the team at Insomniac to be unique and believable. Personally I thought they all looked extremely good, and they made sense in terms of fuctionality.

The PlayStation Blog has a little more posted, but more details are expected to come tomorrow afternoon. We still have to learn what the statue is for the Spider-Man collectors edition (which may have the 6th villain) and a possible special edition PS4.