E3 2018: Sony’s First E3 Reveal Starts Today

Sony announced earlier this week that E3 is kicking off a little bit early for them. They have been stating that “this year will be a little bit different,” and one of the first steps was highlighting their 4 main games. The 4 games of course being Death Stranding, Spider-Man, The Last of Us, and Ghost of Tsushima. Beyond that Sony is also announcing several new games this week, along with release dates for a few upcoming titles.

Starting today you can head either back to this page, or to the PlayStation Blog at 8AM Pacific time, to see the first reveal. The listing notes that it is a new PlayStation title with VR support. We assume Sony won’t release their biggest surprises right away, especially in a lead up event to their big showcase on Sunday, so we are unsure where this one will head. Tomorrow we get a new release date for an upcoming title (we assume The Last of Us 2, but then again it is a major conference title so probably not) and the next two days are followed by new game announcements. The final day leading up to E3 states that an “upcoming highly anticipated title” is heading to VR, and that honestly just opens a whole can of excitement.

The lead up event seems to be so Sony can put some focus on VR without spending too much time on it during their showcase. Sony did a similar thing during last E3 where they had their presentation and followed up after the showcase to talk about other games that didn’t make the event.

Again head back here for the latest updates all throughout E3!