EA Brings Original Command & Conquer Team Back Together for 4K Remaster

One of the most beloved, and important, real-time strategy games in the history of gaming has had a super rough last couple decades. The most recent entries (still nearly a decade ago) didn’t impress fans and all subsequent attempts to revive the franchise either never came to light, or felt so detached from the core of the franchise that fans turned away. 

As has been well documented on this site, I’m a big RTS fan. The reason for my love of the genre (which was among my first to ever play in gaming) stems entirely from the Command & Conquer franchise. Watching my Uncle play the original on his PC as a kid was fascinating to me, and I’d eagerly dive into it whenever we visited. Hell, the original game, and Red Alert are STILL games I find time to play, thanks to the various collection re-releases that have come out over the years. 

While the franchise still hasn’t found a modern groove yet, and we’ve heard next to nothing on C&C Rivals (the upcoming mobile game) since its E3 reveal, there’s some hope streaming in for fans…Earlier this week, EA announced that it’s working with Petroglyph (which is made up of original WestWood game devs who made the Command & Conquer games) to make 4K remasters of Command & Conquer and Red Alert

The development is just now getting underway, but the idea is to bring these beloved games (and all their expansions) into the modern era. Much like with Blizzard’s upcoming Warcraft III: Reforged, it’s not just a graphical upgrade. They’ll be tweaking the systems and gameplay to make it more accessible and modern feeling, while still (hopefully) retaining the core of what made those games great. 

My excitement for these games can not be overstated. I mean, I’ve been bouncing off the walls since the announcement. While they are still a ways out, it’s definitely something for RTS fans to look forward to, with hope that this means great things in the future for this franchise.