EA Confirms Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Will Have a Story Mode

The biggest complaint game/Star Wars fans have had since the launch of Star Wars Battlefront in 2015 is the total lack of a story mode.  Its absence made the game feel short and repetitive without much reason to keep coming back.  While the subsequent expansions to the game fleshed things out and felt more fun, the lack of a proper story still irked many.  

EA already announced that Battlefront 2 (though it will likely have a different title) will be arriving in 2017, and offered the briefest tease of it during E3 last year. While they still aren’t fully ready to reveal the new game, they recently posted an update for things fans can look forward to: 


Many assumed a story mode would be coming this time around, consideing the backlash for its lack of inclusion, but it’s always nice to have a confirmation on it.  As for WHAT the story might be, that’s still up in the air.  The first game stuck to the original trilogy films, and the concept art teased last year seemed to show off First Order TIE fighters.  So it seems like a safe bet the Sequel trilogy will be one of the “eras” they’re talking about, but could the Clone Wars be included as well?  

Sadly, we’re just going to have to wait and see, but based off what I’ve heard from various sources, expect your first good look at the game to come during Star Wars Celebration Orlando in April.  With the game expected to hit around November 2017 (a similar time frame to the first game’s launch), we’ll start seeing some cool things in the near future.  What do you hope is included in the next Battlefront