UPDATE: EA Is Shutting Down Maxis Emeryville

UPDATE: EA has contacted us regarding the closue with the following details:

Today we are consolidating Maxis IP development to our studios in Redwood Shores, Salt Lake City, Helsinki and Melbourne locations as we close our Emeryville location. Maxis continues to support and develop new experiences for current Sims and SimCity players, while expanding our franchises to new platforms and developing new cross-platform IP.

 These changes do not impact our plans for The Sims.  Players will continue to see rich new experiences in The Sims 4, with our first expansion pack coming soon along with a full slate of additional updates and content in the pipeline.

 All employees impacted by the changes today will be given opportunities to explore other positions within the Maxis studios and throughout EA.  For those that are leaving the company, we are working to ensure the best possible transition with separation packages and career assistance.”

Original Story as follows:

Maxis is the long runnng studio behind several sim games including SimCity and The Sims. Their latest release was SimCity 4 which was riddled with public issues as it required online to play. This was later patched out, but sales were already hurt by the mistake. Other issues like small cities have yet to be fixed.

According to studio designer Guillaume Pierre,  the studio will be shut down soon. Via Twitter :

Well it was a fun 12 years, but it’s time to turn off the lights and put the key under the door.

He then later retweeted a response reading “end of an era.”

EA has yet to confirm if this is true, but it is rather sad if so. The Sims should be unaffected though as the studio (The Sims Studio) is now seperate from Maxis Emeryville and will continue support for that franchise. SimCity however will need to transfer hands, or it will be over. (Update : Both games will remain in development. The Sims 4 is entirely unaffected!)