EA PLAY 2019 | Our Experience During E3 2019

E3 2019 is underway and we are here to provide our reactions to EA Play! During the event, we got to see friends, eat great food, and play some awesome games!

While Boltz sat down with Madden 20, I had a chance to check out Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order for 25 minutes and it is looking to be one of the best Star Wars games year to date! With a new canon story for the Star Wars Universe, Jedi Fallen Order takes place around the time of Star Wars: A New Hope and has a young Jedi as its protagonist. With upgradable skills, crazy graphics, and beautiful world, this is looking to be one of the biggest games Respawn has released!

With that said, we hope you like our thoughts on Madden 20, Jedi Fallen Order and EA Play as a whole. Please make sure to check back here for the latest news on E3 2019! Thank you EA, DICE, and RESPAWN for inviting us to EA Play!