EA Play Returns to the Hollywood Palladium for 2nd Consecutive Year

3 years ago, Electronic Arts decided to depart the confines of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in favor of doing their own event, called EA Play.  The first year, they hosted this intimate experience at LA Live, just next door to the LA Convention Center; where E3 is hosted.  However, as E3 expanded to opening its doors to the public, they also added the E3 Coliseum which produced panels from LA Live, which meant that EA Play needed to go elsewhere.  EA decided to go north, last year, to the Hollywood Palladium for an epic outdoor event.


In 2018, EA will return to this venue for a 3-day experience for players to take part in demoing the latest EA Sports games (Madden, FIFA, etc), Battlefield DLC, but more importantly Anthem.  From June 9-11, fans excited about the upcoming long-form shooter, now delayed to 2019, will be the first to get their hands on the project that EA and Bioware have a lot riding on.

Tickets will go on sale during the Spring, but you should apply at your own risk.  Last year, fans traveled from all across the world to get to LA a couple of days before E3, with eyes set on playing at EA Play.  The event ended up becoming a clusterf**k as the event stayed at capacity throughout the weekend, leaving gamers who registered for tickets to stand outside in line for hours, with many of them leaving never playing anything at all.  Furthermore, if you have designs on playing Anthem, it’s best to get in line early.  Last year, Star Wars Battlefront II was the big money draw, but you had to wait in line for 4+ hours just to experience 10 minutes of the game.  

There is a chance that EA has learned their lesson from last year, but register with tempered expectations and plan accordingly.  Otherwise, you may find yourself standing in line for hours, with nothing to show for it.

EA Play 2018 takes place June 9-11 during the hours of Saturday 2pm – 8pmSunday & Monday 10am – 8pm