EA Releases NHL 15 Demo (Now Live)

If you can’t tell already, we have been super excited to finally play NHL 15 and the time has finally come!

That’s right, the demo is now live on all console market places. The demo is running at a little over 2.5 GB’s, but I’m sure it will be well worth it. The demo features Rangers and Kings, you can play as either team and play in either arena. The demo allows a full game of 3 periods, but limits the periods to 2 minutes each. This is to help get the full feel of the enviroment and new presentation system in the game.

This game from what we have reported on it over several months is all about the enviroment. The crowd fully interacts with the players and the physics has been jumped up a notch. Of all the sports developers out there, the NHL team at EA Sports has been my favorite over the past few years.

The game releases September 9th, are you excited? I am! (GO YOTES!)