EA Shutting Down Several Free-To-Play Games

EA announced via their blog that they are shutting down services for Need For Speed World, Fifa World, Battlefield Play4Free, and Battlefield Heroes within the next 90 days. EA noted that “the way we play games has changed” over the past 5 years when these games were first released. Perhaps people stopped paying for certain things?

Yes, if you can’t tell I’m not too sad about this closure. I’m sure there were a few people that still frequent the games, though Battlefield Heroes was rather dead last time I tried, but overall I hate free-to-play models. These games were at the pinnacle of everything going “free” and it was quickly getting annoying. Granted most of these games were not as bad as modern day “free-to-play” titles you see on cell phones.

With that, the official last day all of these games will be online is July 14th.(Well for Battlefield Heroes ast least)  EA stated that all users with a balance should spend the entire balance because there will be no refunds granted. So if you don’t spend it, it becomes even more of a waste of money. Along with that, no games will allow new users to sign up and current users will be unable to spend any more money for in-game items.

There is good news though. EA and Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic lives on! The game was originally a subscription based MMO, but then it went free-to-play and follows a model similar to that of DC Universe. According to EA, that game is still thriving and will remain open to all players. Star Wars will also see “new story driven content” later this year.

Command and Conquer’s free to play title will also remain open.