Play And Die A Hero Or Live Long Enough To Play A Villain in the Final Trailer for Telltale Batman

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Funny Vigilante

Batman The Enemy Within has been quite the rollercoaster ride with episodes 1-4 taken great liberties with everything we thought we knew about the relationship between The Batman, Joker, and the added Inclusion of Bruce Wayne and the dynamic of shaping John Doe. Being introduced to John Doe and knowing that long grin could someday be your greatest rival, had myself and many other players had a quite defensive approach to him. Season 2 gave players a true sense that the your actions are motivating John to be either the manical madman we all love or a vigilante that tows the line like Batman only surely he has the ability to cross it. Episode 5 trailer gives us a peak at this duality and Telltale is promising a fantastic end with a truly satisfying yet very different path on either side. This player will play all angles to see exactly where each story branch takes me. It’s been reported that the episode is three and half hours with a staggering 4,500 lines of dialogue via James Windeler on PlayStation Blog. 

Everyone who’s been on this journey is going to finally have the chance to see how it all ends when the episode drops Tuesday March 27, on PS4, Xbox One, PC, And Mobile and look forward to my review on the entire episode coming soon