Elder Scrolls Online 4K PS4 Pro Trailer

PS4 Pro was revealed yesterday and it will do 4K gaming, along with other features due to some additional performance under the hood. One of the games quickly highlighted during the PlayStation Meeting conference was Elder Scrolls Online.

Above is a 4K trailer for the game, though it is on Youtube and you would need a 4K screen to “truly see the difference” according to statements by Sony. It still looks neat to me.

An interesting note is that this is one of the few games that will actually run native in 4K.

Since the game was originally designed for a wide range of PC specifications, ZeniMax Online Studios was able to scale up the presentation alongside the scaled up power of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

The game will automatically scale to 4K if the PS4 Pro is connected to a 4K television, but 1080 HD users will also see higher graphical output. The developers say they are one of the few teams able to do this natively, without “scaling up to (almost) 4K,” because the game was created for a wide range of PC hardware. Meaning they had to account for various hardware and scale the game accordingly, which allows them to take that same technology to PS4 Pro.

There is a lot of confusion on rather or not PS4 Pro is native 4k with a lot of statements regarding scaling up games to “almost 4K,” but players being unable to see the short coming.

Elder Scrolls Online will run in 4K the day PS4 Pro releases. This includes current players and those that purchase the game in November as it will see a patch that upgrades the game.


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