Eli Roth Puts His Twist On The Dark Souls Animated Trailer

Movie Director, Eli Roth and Dark Souls is a marriage made in unholy matrimony.  You can’t deny that this team up was bound to happen.  However, it’s a shame that the animated trailer was what they collaborated on.  

The animated trailer seems to have confounded Dark Souls fans as most of them have surmised that what the knight is drinking is Estus.  However, Estus doesn’t usually turn people into giant monsters.  Then again, those that are alive don’t usually drink Estus.  Some have even divined that this could mean we’ll be getting an animated series or that maybe this is going to be a DLC.  

One thing that is for certain and that everyone can agree with, the animated trailer is pretty freaking awesome.  The only hope that remains is for us to get more of this Eli Roth/Dark Souls collaboration.

Dark Souls III hits a console near you on April 12, 2016.

What do you think of the trailer?