Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Alpha Starts March 29

Frontier Developments announced the PC Alpha for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will begin on March 29 for players who pre-order the game or for those who have a Lifetime Expansion Pass.

To celebrate the announcement, developers dropped a new gameplay trailer showcasing a raid mission playthrough.

The video shows a team of three Commanders plunge into a daring on-foot raid of a military outpost. Their objective: to disable the power center and ultimately render the opposing faction powerless.

All three Commanders in the incursion team are specially equipped for their assigned role, selected from the wide range of space suits, weapons and equipment available in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Their tactical gear grants them an edge in their assigned tasks, whether it is to infiltrate the base avoiding detection, lay down covering fire if the alarm is raised, hacking, or quickly extract their teammates from a tight spot if enemy forces overwhelm them.

The Elite Dangerous galaxy’s rich setting and open-ended design reaches a new level of depth thanks to Odyssey’s feet-on-the-ground gameplay. Introducing the detailed scale that is needed for on-foot gameplay while maintaining the vast distances measured in light years and the myriad missions available to players, Odyssey will greatly augment the already rich world of Elite Dangerous, offering a more personal experience for all Commanders to enjoy in their own way, in addition to the vast galaxy they can already explore.

The expansion is set to launch sometime later this Spring on PC and in the Fall for PlayStation and Xbox.

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