Enter the Gauntlet in Madden NFL 15

On Friday, July 11th, EA Sports released a brand new challenge mode, never before seen by Madden Fans!  The Gauntlet is 40 challenges that increase in difficulty with each new challenge.  Furthermore, every five challenge is a “boss battle”.  This could be anywhere from playing against an elite player or completing an epic challenge.  For instance, in the very first boss battle you will have to kick a 110 yard field goal in 220 mph winds!  The creation of The Gauntlet revolutionizes the way we play Madden and will hopefully cause new people to join in on the fun!


In addition to the revelation of The Gauntlet, EA Sports also announced that the skills trainer has been completely revamped.  Now with 48 new tutorials, Madden NFL 15 is out to teach the world how the game of football works!  Plus, EA promises that even it’s Madden vets will have something new to learn!

MaddenNFL15 WhatsNew PlayerSense

What is also exciting about this new trailer for The Gauntlet, is that we also get our first look at actual gameplay!  Madden NFL 15 is so defined and smooth with a genuinely real feel to it.  It looks to be a major upgrade from previous versions.  

Madden NFL 15 releases for all major consoles on August 26th.

Are you as excited as I am? Have any comments you want to add? Feel free to add them below!