Epic Releases Pre-E3 Fortnite Trailer

We talked about Fortnite a long time ago, but today it is back. The game is Epic’s newest creation that seems to converge Minecraft with tower defense games in fun multiplayer, free-to-play, mayhem.

The trailer seems to touch all bases that needs to be touched. You get to see the characters build something, defend something, and of course work together. These monsters seem to be a lot tougher than other games though, and your great creation could come crumbling down!

The trailer also came with good news for Apple fans. According to Epic, the game will release on both Mac and PC at the same time, so both sides get to join in on the fun. You can check out more gameplay and possibly another trailer come E3 which begins June 15th! Stick around as Cinelinx brings you coverage directly from the show floor!