Etherium Launch Trailer Released Today

On Wednesday, March 25th Focus Home Interactive will be answering questions about the game on a live Twitch stream at 1:15PM EST. Between now and Wednesday the game is still available at a discounted 10% on preorders, and those who preorder will receive instant access to the multiplayer beta.

The RTS genre is spread quite thin by the few titles that have continued to keep players engaged, and Etherium stands to offer more unique mechanics.

  • Dynamic weather system that affects the gameplay
  • A host of faction specific abilities and units to take to war
  • A Conquest Mode to secure planets from around the Galaxy to understand the power source Etherium better


In the game, you will be responsible for managing resources, building outposts to control the map, and crushing enemies with vast armies composted of many factions: infantry, tanks, aircraft, and machines of destruction.