Evee Easter Egg Confirmed For Pokemon Go; Plus More

In what became the first ever gaming panel held in Hall H at this years San Diego Comic Con, developers of Pokemon Go, Niantic, let us know about some details in the game and what is to come.

For starters that Evee trick of naming it Pyro, Sparky, or Rainer to get the evolution you want (Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon) is indeed true. The developers noted that this is just one of the many Easter Eggs that are in the game, and an example of the many ideas they hope to implement in the future.

Also confirmed is the team working on the ability to trade Pokemon. There is no timeframe or suggestion on how it will be implemented, but the team is working on it. The studio stated that only about 10 percent of their overall ideas are currently implemented in the game so far, with much more to come.

One thing that is coming soon is the addition of “more rare Pokemon.” John Hanke noted “there are some more rare Pokemon that are in the game that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up.” These could be the legendary Pokemon that everyone has been looking for, or even the long lost Mew and Mewtwo. It was not mentioned if these would be showing up randomly, or via public events.

Another addition coming soon is the ability to customize Pokestops. According to the studio we will soon be able to add skins, designs, or other features to Pokestops. The studio noted that while they would like to spawn Pokemon in specific locations and create more specific events, that hasn’t been possible just yet. A main concern for them is stable servers, something that is going to become harder as the game launches in more countries.

Also revealed during the panel were the mascots for the three in-game teams. Team Mystic (the best team, if you ask me!) is led by Blanche, Team Valor is led by Candela, and Instinct is led by Spark. All can be seen above. All three of them will begin to appear in the game soon to give players tips and tricks.

New additions are not the only thing being added to the game as fixes are coming soon too. Gym poaching is a major thing that will be addressed in an upcoming patch for example. Gym poaching is basically a player sitting near a gym waiting for it to be cleared by someone else just so they can claim it for themselves.

Overall there was a lot of details released by the developers and a lot of promise that this game will grow in a lot of ways. It’s still surprising that the first ever video game featured in Hall H of San Diego Comic Con is a mobile title!