‘Expeditions: Viking’ release date pushed back to 2017

The Denmark-based studio have announced their plans to delay the release of their upcoming historical RPG ‘Expeditions:Viking’ to the first quarter of 2017. Logic Artists Producer, Ali Emek, had the following to say:

“There are so many things we’d like to get just right with Viking. We’re confident with the game’s narrative and high level of player choice, but want to spend additional time on some of the more exciting and challenging elements of the game’s development.”

The move to show such transparency in disclosing the reasons for the extra wait is one I can certainly appreciate in a day and age where titles, both Triple-A and indie, are delayed or caught in a development loop without rhyme or reason.  


Despite featuring a combat system already unique enough enough to feel fresh and fit comfortably in an RPG it seems the studio plans on expanding the possibilities of incorporating environmental hazards into combat scenarios. Furthermore, the team has announced their intention on spending the following few months populating the game world with extra content ranging from random encounters to side quests. Creative Director,  Jonas Wæver has spoken on how they hope to “reward those players who love to explore with a variety of experiences they may not face if they exclusively follow the main story quests.”

Expeditions Viking screen 07

Combine the above reasons with the fact that Logic Artists are taking the time to accurately translate their 200,000 word narrative into five more languages and for myself at least, it only makes sense to push back the release until the title is everything it can be.

What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself investing in this Viking RPG next year?