Experience the Rush of Being a Pilot in Titanfall 2

This past summer, at E3 2016, EA previewed their exciting sequel to gamers and press in a separate event, EA Play.  After playing through it and experiencing each pilot, I left with the feeling that Titanfall 2 was the best game on the floor.  This is an event that previewed Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, and Madden NFL 17 and yet Titanfall 2 was what I was most excited to play.  

Today’s trailer only enforces that feeling.

In addition to the trailer, EA and Respawn have released a new entry in their blog.  In it, they talk about the 5 Reasons to be a Pilot in Titanfall 2.  Read it here!

5.       Pilots are an Extension

4.       Pilots are the Future

3.       Pilots are Smarter

2.       Pilots get Tactical

1.       Pilots Know How to Move

Titanfall 2 makes its debut October 28, 2016!