External Hard Drive Support Finally Coming To PS4

Sony announced today that new firmware update 4.50 for PS4 is adding some highly requested features including support for external hard drives. The update rolls out today for those selected to beta test the firmware. If you were selected you will recieve an email with instructions on how to install it. Sony did not announce when the firmware update will hit all users.

The biggest addition is support for external hard drives. The update will allow you to connect any 3.0 external hard drive (up to 8TB) to the USB slot on your PS4 for instant added storage. Content can then also be directly downloaded and installed to the hard drive. The storage will allow all content to be transferred over, and allow installed games.

Other new features include a new custom wallpaper. You will be able to use screenshots from games to use as wallpapers for the PS4 home screen. Added dim effects and shadows for icons are also being improved for visiblity.

The quick menu (long PlayStation button press) is also being further tweaked by becoming even smaller on the screen. Additional features have also been added to quickly navigate parties, or create parties with friends.

Notifications has also been improved with a single menu list, instead of multiple categories.

Lastly you will also be able to post directly to the “what’s new” feed with a text box option being added. All posts will be viewable by your friends where they can interact with the message.

For those with PlayStation VR there is one additional feature, 3D movies. The update will allow you to watch 3D movies using the PlayStation headset and your PS4.