Fable Legends Announced

Fable is back! That’s right Lionhead studios is back with another installment to this popular series Fable Legends. The game’s director David Eckelberry announced the title at Gamescom this week and don’t call a sequel this is an edition of the game all its own.

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This time you’ll choose from four different heroes, a swashbuckler, a knight, a sorceress, and an archer. Now playing as the heroes you’ll have the traditional view and play style of previous Fable games. Wait I thought I could play as the bad guy? Well you can but this time you’ll be controlling the events of the game as they happen. You’ll have a top down view and basically you’re now an electronic DM. I know I may have said a few disparaging things about Xbox One but this is actually some true innovation. Also the villain will be playable through Google’s Smartglass so you can play with a tablet or smartphone. So the idea of playing this game with four of your friends while another sits on the couch controlling the villain is sounding like loads of fun. Has Lionhead Studios created the next party game?