Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Includes Big Yeetus and More

Mediatonic announced today the wildly popular Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is receiving a mid-season update that will add a whole ‘nother layer of chaos for the internet’s favorite jelly beans in addition to some anti-cheat measures for PC players through Epic.

“Easy Anti-Cheat is used by the best in the business and will mean our jelly beans receive the very best protection from the bad eggs seeking to exploit them,” developers said in a press release.

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Developers have introduced round variations and say that players will quickly realize that all is not what it seems in the Blunderdome.

“Familiar favorites will have to be tackled in all new ways, with the addition of dozens of obstacles, dizzyingly random rotations and, of course, plenty of tumbling fruit. And what’s more, players will have no idea when these changes will occur – no bean’s dignity shall be spared,” developers said.

Big Yeetus, which was revealed on Sept. 2, has also been patched into the game and will randomly appear in levels to “shake things up,” developers said in the reveal.

In addition to the content updates, developers noted that other improvements were added to today’s update, including enhanced server stability, VFX improvements and more.

On August 27, Mediatonic revealed the second season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is going a bit medieval with new games, costumes and emotes when it kicks off sometime in October.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.