Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC Trailer and Images

I will say this Fallout 4 has done their DLC releases right. Just when I start losing interest in the game they started with the DLC content and it’s been a steady stream of it since they began. Well the latest one is one the way with Nuka-World. Let’s watch a trailer my gamer family.


A wasteland amusement park? I think it’s awesome and slightly creepy. We’ve all in some way been enamored with normal places abandoned so yeah I digging that part. So we have some new weapons, what looks like a new faction based on the Raiders, some new skins, and midway games. Hey if it’s a way to get caps that aren’t as rigged as a normal fair midway I’m in. Also the thought of mutants trying to run at you while you control a spinning floor underneath them could get hours of enjoyment out of me. What? Hey I enjoy torturing the stupid.

Set for a release Tuesday August 30th 2016 Fallout 4’s latest DLC Nuka-World will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Hope you saved your caps people.

– Jason The X


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