Fallout 4 Ships Over 12 Million Copies In A Day

Bethesda announced today that Fallout 4 sold over 12 million copies on launch day alone. (Note that is sold to retail and not sold through numbers) That tallies the total sales to around $750 Million dollars and allows it to top Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. COD saw sales in the $500 million dollar range (still a fantastic number) and both are listed as the biggest launches in all of entertainment.

Bethesda also noted “record sales” in retail and digital outlets, though we don’t know what exactly that relates to. Bethesda does note that retailers suggested the limited edition version “sold out faster than any other limited edition,” and that there is “huge demand” at outlets, and Fallout 4 was the “most pre-ordered game ever.” Though these can’t be used as actual records.

Though numbers like this are always good either way. Skyrim has sales in excess of 7 million units, and sold through 3.5 million units to consumers. So if Fallout 4 is sitting at double that numer, well you get the idea.

Have you picked up your copy yet?