Fallout Anthology Announced; Includes Every Previous Fallout Game on PC

The set includes every Fallout game so far in a collection named Fallout Anthology. All the games come packed within a sound making Fat Man nuke that opens up to show off all the titles. They even thought ahead and made a space to include Fallout 4 when it releases.

Games included are:

·         Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

o    The Pitt

o    Operation: Anchorage

o    Broken Steel

o    Point Lookout

o    Mothership Zeta

·         Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

o    Dead Money

o    Honest Hearts

o    Old World Blues

o    Lonesome Road

o    Gun Runners’ Arsenal

o    Courier’s Stash

·         Fallout Tactics

·         Fallout 2

·         Fallout

You can get your hands on it September 29 in North America, October 1 in Australia, and October 2 in Europe.

Personally I think it’s rather awesome, what do you guys think?