Fallout Anthology Released Today For PC

The collection released today for North America and will release across Europe on Friday October 2nd!
The collection comes in a bomb case that opens with bomb sounds from the game, and it even includes an extra spot for Fallout 4.

The collection includes:

This Fallout collection includes:


·         Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition


o   The Pitt


o   Operation: Anchorage


o   Broken Steel


o   Point Lookout


o   Mothership Zeta


·         Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition


o   Dead Money


o   Honest Hearts


o   Old World Blues


o   Lonesome Road


o   Gun Runners’ Arsenal


o   Courier’s Stash


·         Fallout Tactics


·         Fallout 2

·         Fallout

Fallout 4 releases in November, so this is a good way to catch up on the series or have fun with it all again!