Fans Are Not Too Thrilled With Possible PS4 Slim Design

Over the weekend a potential leak of a redesigned PS4 Slim was supposedly leaked to an early buyer. Engadget then followed up with the buyer to confirm the unit was real, and they posted the video you see above. For obvious reasons they are not able to talk about specifics, but they show that the unit does boot up and function like a regular PS4.

If this is true then this will be the “slim” model of the current PS4 units out on shelves. Meaning if you already own a PS4 you won’t have to buy this unless by some miracle you like the design. Otherwise a PS4 Neo will also be revaled which holds more power, and is rumored to support 4K gaming.

WallStreet Journal sources also speculate that Sony will be showcasing two new PS4 units in September during their PlayStation Meeting.

Overall we assume this new unit will allow Sony to get the price tag a little lower to combat the $250-300 Xbox One units. Currently the PS4 sells for $350 and recently lost its top spot on the sales charts to Xbox One.

A lot of fans are not liking the design though. There are a ton of comments all over the internet regarding the leaked images, and now video, that are not approving the redesign. Many people saying it looks like someone made it with a low end 3D printer….

Our take: I personally agree. I don’t like the design at all. I’m also curious if current models will still get support for the removable faceplate designs. I personally enjoy the official faceplate designs, and it looks like this new unit doesn’t even have the option. If the plates were costing Sony money I can see why they cut it, but if they were making money off it at all I’m not sure why they would remove the feature.

The current PS4 units are rather sexy, and one of my personal favorite overall designs. There was no real need to change the style at all.

If you ask me, run out and buy a current unit before it’s too late. These are ugly. I’m kind of hoping that this rumor is just someone that got a prototype somehow, but it’s feeling that it’s too authentic to be fake. Sadly.