Fast-paced spin-off Harvest Moon: Mad Dash launches later this year

Natsume is launching the latest title in the Harvest Moon series later this year with some new features to the long-running franchise.

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is a departure from the slower-paced titles of the same name.

The Bokujō Monogatari franchise was upended in 2013 when the creator of the series, Marvelous, opened up the American publishing brand XSEED to localize their own games into English, changing the English name of the franchise to Story of Seasons from Harvest Moon. Natsume retained the copyright of the English title Harvest Moon.

Natsume has continued to publish games under the Harvest Moon title in the years since with varied success and I feel like Mad Dash is a good jump in trying to carve out a new direction for the franchise.

You can play solo or with up to four friends to harvest, fish, milk and more in an effort to appease the Harvest Sprites in a face-paced farming frenzy through various levels that include your farm, beach, underworld and skyworld, according to a press release by Natsume.

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is expected to launch this fall on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.