FIFA 17 Free Trial This Weekend

FIFA 17 will have a free play weekend for Xbox One and PS4 players starting November 24th through the 27th. The game will also go on sale for at least 40 percent off at all locations starting Novermber 28th, but some retail stores will have it on sale starting Thursday.

The free trial includes the entire game where you can play any mode including the new “The Journey” mode where you play as an upcoming star. We praised this game mode and said that it could potentially change sports games in general. FIFA 17 got a 4/5 from us, so there is no reason to not check it out!

All progress from the free trial will save and be able to be transferred over to the full game when you purchase it.

(NOTE the free trial period may interfere with EA Access members on Xbox One. If you haven’t yet played the 10 hour free trial, the free weekend will actually count towards those hours.)