Fight as the Accursed in the New Trailer for Dark Souls III

In preparation for its April 12, 2016 release, Bandai Namco has been releasing a flurry of content in order to gain hype for the new game in their flagship franchise, Dark Souls III.  After seeing every disturbing enemy in their creepy environment, it has us counting the minutes until it’s released.

Heck, we still haven’t gotten their interpretation of True Colors out of our heads!

In the meantime, for XBOX One gamers, the original Dark Souls is now available for your gaming pleasure.  Now would be a good time to fast track through the first two games as we’re only a couple of months away from III’s debut!

Dark Souls III is available on PS4, XBOX One, and Steam April 12, 2016!

How ready are you?  Let us know!