Final Fantasy VII Remake Returns With New Teaser Trailer

Sony‘s latest State of Play featured several updates on known games, but it was the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer that had the community buzzing.  More within…

Last year, reports began flying around that Square Enix had to scrap all of the gameplay content for Final Fantasy VII Remake that was outsourced to the CyberConnect 2 studio, as it was “unusable”.  From that point, we were told from those close to the project not to expect an update on the highly-anticipated title.  Hence, why we saw nothing of it at E3 2018.

However, it seems as if the train to Midgar is back on the track, as the most recent Playstation State of Play featured a new teaser for Final Fantasy VII Remake!

My goodness.  That is a positively gorgeous trailer.  I know it’s just a teaser and studios put a lot of emphasis on the trailer looking good, but my God it just seems perfect.  Everything I remember from the original Playstation game is enhanced for today’s standards and just looks and feels mind-blowing.

In my E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule, I mentioned that Square Enix needed to show us an update for Final Fantasy VII Remake to really be a successful show.  It looks like that’s exactly what they plan on doing, as it’s confirmed we’ll see more in June.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Final Fantasy VII Remake and everything E3 2019!